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Start an Ice Vending Business
Healthy Ice & Water from a User Friendly Machine
Modern & Simple
The Polar Station® ice and water vending machine boasts a patented 8-stage purification process, which then stores water (or freezes it) to be dispensed as the user wishes. People will have no trouble using the controls for payment and dispersion as this ice machine is one of the easiest to use on the market. It can hold anywhere from 1 to 4 icemakers, which means producing up to 7,468 lbs. of ice per day.
Customizable Designs
There are a couple models you can choose from, and you are able to change its size and certain features based on where you decide to set up your new business, so that the structure is compliant to any city ordinances. No matter where you set up shop, the Polar Station® ice machine lends high visibility any time of day or night.
Low Cost & High ROI
There aren’t many endeavors you can launch as affordably as an ice machine business – especially ones that provide such a high return on investment. Offering this convenience to the public will go far, because not a lot of people want to deal with crowds in a store when all they need is a couple bags of ice for an upcoming party or to restock their supply at work.
Free Bottle Rinse w/ Hot UV Flush
Want to Increase Your Passive Income?
Find the Best Spot for Your Ice Vending Machine
Campgrounds & State Parks
Gas & Service Stations
Shopping Centers & Liquor Stores
Little to No Maintenance Required
What Past Customers Have Said:
"It really is an easy business!"
- Greg M
Like a mountain top glacier, the ice and water at the Polar Station is refreshing and cold. Pump some quarters in and it pumps some water or ice out, your choice. Doesn't get any easier.
- Bravo T
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